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Supper For Soil

Photo book and Cookbook





According to Joan Tronto and Berenice Fisher’s definition of care, “Care includes everything that we do to maintain, continue, and repair our world so that we can live in it as well as possible.” Soil need help and care for soil means to care for those who depend on them, human or not. 


Throughout this project, I read many articles about soil nutrition and visited expert farmers and gardeners to learn more about different techniques of composting and as a result, I made a human-style cookbook for soil. I used our own very human skills of cooking, with the historical methods like fermenting and culturing to craft something nutritional for micro-organism in the soil. By taking the time to craft each recipe my aim is to show care and appreciation to soil creatures, to think about their needs and what might improve their health. Some recipes are based on Indigenous people’s methods, who used to collect, culture and cultivates microbes and give them back to the soil and some recopies are based on different techniques of composting. 

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