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The Short List of All the Things

Mixed Media Fabrics

“A Short List of All the Things” is inspired by my grandfather’s house in Iran, which had been demolished recently. It focuses on the traditional interior and domestic space in his house. Working with a collection of photographs of the house before and after demolishment I have detached them from their personal and sentimental value through abstraction, using collage as a tool to inspire my design and to negotiate between notions of tradition and modernity.

My choices of materials and process are made as a direct response to my visual research. “A Short List of All the Things” is a combination of screen printed, digital embroidered, dyed and wax dipped fabrics, alongside hard surface made with wood. Wax dipped and crunched fabric representing the feeling of destroyed and demolishment. Binding and tape act as the fixings that physically attach different elements together and create contemporary colour and material stories.

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